Penny Markley

Artist's Information

Artist's Statement

The scenery, light, and changing seasons of Maine enchant me. My paintings capture my reaction to this visual wealth. I love the coast, but I live inland and I find great beauty in fields, hills, marshes, lakes and mountains.

During the last few years my husband and I have spent time in the Southwest while visiting our son. That landscape is like a different planet from New England but equally enchanting. I have found some of my painting subjects there.

When I paint or sketch the landscape, I feel that I am a participant, not just an observer. I notice things I don’t see otherwise. It helps me understand what I am seeing.

Artist's Biography

I spent most of my childhood near Augusta, Maine, and was educated in Augusta schools. I received a BA in American Studies from Barnard College and a MA in Special Education from Teachers College, both part of Columbia University in New York City. I have always loved to draw. My first formal art class was in drawing at Columbia University. I have since taken classes and workshops in art whenever I was able.

I met my husband mountain climbing, which we did together very intensely until our son, Keith, was born. In 1978 I moved back to Maine when we bought Lakeside Orchards in Manchester. My husband and I owned and managed that business for 21 years, after which time we returned to our original professions of teacher and engineer. I have painted and sold my art for over thirty years. In June of 2005 I retired from teaching to paint full time.

Art Education

Drawing Classes: at Columbia University; with Joshua Nadel and Philip Paratore, Augusta, Maine.

Oil Painting Classes: with Anne Hines, Amherst, N.H.; with Kay Kandra, Nashua, N.H.; with Calvin Libby at the Arts and Science Center, Nashua, N.H.; with Philip Paratore at the University of Maine at Augusta; with Tina Ingraham at the artist's studio in Bath, Maine.

Watercolor Classes: with Marsha Donahue, at the Maine College of Art;

Watercolor Workshops: with Ron Ranson, and Skip Lawrence

Introduction to Graphic Design Class: Maine College of Art

Picture Books: Illustrating, writing, designing and publishing books for children and adults, Maine College of Art

Portrait Class: Round Top Center of the Arts with Ted Arnold, 2006